The collection was inspired by the vibrant diversity and energy of Houston, Texas, where art, music, culinary arts, science and technology intersect harmoniously in a multicultural cornucopia. 

Colors are electrifying and powerful such as Astro orange, bayou green, intense coral and NASA blue, offset with black, white, silver and red pieces. Black and white checkerboard patterns of pandas and rodeo symbols is where “Western Cowboy” meets “Eastern Cowboy” and punctuates the collection which is iterated in cotton canvas, crisp cottons, techno-mesh and tie-dyed denim
as well as metallic silver denim and fringe embellishments, denoting "Space Cowboy".

Textured overlays and hand-crafted embroideries depict emblems of iconic Houston entities such as NASA, Rice University, Houston Ballet and the Houston Rodeo, translated into collages.

The collection also draws upon Houston's ecological diversity, and its flora and fauna; the proliferation of indigenous wildflowers, butterflies, pink spoonbills, armadillos and bayou-outlined patterns are expressed in prints and colorful embroideries.

Silhouettes are fluid, with loose, off the shoulder tops and ruffled sleeves as well as cropped wide-legged pants with pleated or fringed edges. Denim and canvas jackets and pants are cropped, and dresses feature fitted waists and flared skirts with a nod to baby-doll shapes as well as some modern, body-skimming tunics interspersed with metallic thread or teeming with sequins.

Complementing the looks are suede, fringed bags and slip-ons printed with Houston imagery, lending a sporty and free-spirited feel to the collection, brimming with optimism and possibilities.

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