The collection was inspired by the electrifying energy Of Hong Kong night life, ablaze with neon lights, enveloping. This urban jungle in a haze of velocity as it moves toward the 20th anniversary of its handover.

The visual culture of the city that never sleeps is conveyed in bursts of bright color and metallics -- neon fuschias, greens, and midnight blues derived from omnipresent neon signs and grids that light the skyscrapers. Iconic signage, traffic lights and contrasting dark tunnels are translated into neon prints, alluding to modern city life.

Strong metallic knits and vegan leather are toned down with contrasting textures comprised of muted menswear aspects such as wool tweeds, plaids and stripes. Silk jacquards, sequins, liquid jerseys and extensive ruching in gathered sleeves, leggings and bodies channel the early ‘90’s but silhouettes are contemporary -- loose, fluid and deconstructed. Uneven hems and lace metallic skirts and cropped trousers are paired with draped and oversized jackets while shoulder pads give structure. Dresses are easy and modern, expressed in a plaid qipao or a gathered, sequined form.

Puffed jackets are rendered in both metallic and matte nylon while bomber jackets and sweatshirts are constructed from unexpected fabrics such as gathered wool plaid, jacquard and silk organza with the occasional appliqué.

Complementing the looks are colorful metallic bags that double as travel kits for the world traveler the culture explorer.

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