Fall 2021 collection highlights inclusiveness and universalityLove Your Style, love the earth, love the people and love beyond. 

It promotes the amazing character of the metropolis where breathtaking nature hikes and spiritual walks are just a whisker away from the bustling skyscrapers and urban jungle. 

The collection is a vehicle to advocate the importance of wellness and harmony with the nature, to encourage healthy and energizing outdoor activities in chic athleisure style. 

Mythical motifs of the nature and iconic city symbols set against the city maps are remixed into a City Camouflaged landscape, running throughout the collection in relaxed silhouette from the brand’s quintessential printed stretch mesh dress, lace trimmed denim to reversible nylon windbreaker and skateboard shorts that speaks versatility. 

Chinese knots, cheongsam details, and Tang suit are reconstructed in lace trimed washed denim, dragon jacquard denim, french terry sweater and yoga outfits with colours of mountain and sea, sun and moon. 

Geometric patterns of prototypical plaid nylon canvas bag is tastefully and playfully transformed into soft feminine cropped shirt, pleated skirt and handbag. 

A powerful font of “Love Your Style” is expressed in graffiti art, sending the message of freedom to be yourself and confidence in who you are.

The gender-neutral collection is accessorized with embroidered bucket hats and handbags created with sustainable fabrics made from recycled bottles, keeping you chill from morning yoga to afternoon hike and partying through the night.

Rendered in the form of digital runway, the assortment of colourful designs assembled on the mountain to emblematize blooming flowers in a garden. Moving forward to a brightening and energetic future with joyful optimism.