The collection is inspired by a timeless cultural dreamland that is a mélange of different cultures from the Chinese western frontier across central China to the Caucasus - comprising an emerging economic and cultural trade route referred to as the new ‘Silk Road’.

Drawing upon indigenous cultures from Xinjiang, Kazakhstan, all the way to Turkey and Russia, this culture-bridging approach makes for a harmonious mosaic that is the main theme of the collection. 

Reminiscent of carpets and intricate tapestries, the collection features both ancient and modern ikat formed patterns and patchwork derived from traditional emblems and talismans - from protective amulets expressing a mother's love symbolized by triangles but contemporized on techno-mesh, to caroqs with evil eye patchwork made from recycled fabric, to embroidered dowry suzanis and and even a nod to American quilts. 

Embroideries of parasol flowers and medallions are rendered on luxe textiles such as ultra-suede, wool, leather and sequins, as well as patchwork leather, lightly quilted jacquards and needle punched fabrics. Chunky knits with indigenous patterns are hand-crafted and paired with lamé pleated skirts in a hi-lo statement.

The collection embodies a contemporary contextualization of traditional shapes that are characteristic of various cultures, expressed inrelaxed silhouettes, jacquard rendered capes, robe-like coats, leather-trimmed coats, long tunics over striped oversized trousers, pleated skirts, gaucho pants and dropped shoulders.The palette is a rich, earth toned one featuring deep burgundies and greens, as well as deep blacks and burnished pewter, silver and bronze metallics.

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