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The collection is inspired by a spiritual expedition through the Himalayas to Tibet, revealing the infinite essence of love, and the discovery of its vibrant topography, art, culture and indigenous people. Exploration of this mystical landscape imbued with a sense of timelessness, finds expression in a compelling collection that imagines the urban traveler’s journey over the mountainous terrain in pilgrimage. 

The collection, rendered in varying hues of burnt orange, gradations of earthy khaki, red, burgundy, brown, blue, deep turquoise and Tara green, which a touch of black and white, is iterated in wool, silk, corduroy, techno-fabric, tulle mesh and lace as well hi-tech conductive material and knits, for warmth and comfort. The mélange of contrasting patterns and multiple plaids are accented by prints and signature colorful, hand-crafted embroideries depicting universal Mandalas, and the muse, Green Tara.

Silhouettes are loose and multi-layered, in the nomadic tradition, and denote the yin and yang. Belted or cinched plaid jackets with puff sleeves and blouson tops are paired with long, gathered or pleated skirts that replicate the Mandala effect, and puffy quilted parkas, trench coats and oversized, boxy plaid overcoats, are omnipresent. Hooded, shearling-lined jackets and coats sometimes are trimmed with sheared Mongolian hair and are paired with ultrasuede paneled and flared skirts. Striped and fringed sweaters are also a highlight of the collection.

Complementing the looks are hand-made, beaded earrings and colorful, tasseled adjustable belts and bags.