Happy New Year of the OX! Wish You Healthy & Happiness!
   2021 CNY Holiday Delivery Arrangement 

       There will be a special arrangement for online store during Chinese New Year 11 -17 Feb,  please be reminded that the delivery would be delayed on 22Feb.

LINGHIT x VIVIENNE  TAM Jade Bracelet Lucky Draw 

 During the CNY Holiday, order above USD500 will be eligible to enrol in the Lucky Draw automatically, total of 3 winners will be drawn from the lucky draw.

Each participant can win the prize once only.

Winner notification and details will be sent via email on or before 22 February 2021 to the winner’s email address in the Lucky Draw.


Introduction of LINGHIT x VIVIENNE TAM Jade Bracelet collaboration

Linglong bracelet is jointly launched by Linghit Culture & Vivienne Tam, which combines Chinese and Western cultures for the Year of OX.

靈機文化 x Vivienne Tam 靈瓏手鏈介紹

靈瓏手鏈是由靈機文化與Vivienne Tam 聯合推出的一款融合中西文化、為牛年而設計的流年手鏈。


Linglong Sanhe- Jade Bracelet


Suitable Zodiac :Ox, Dragon, Horse, Sheep, Dog

適合生肖: 牛、 龍、馬、羊、狗 

The inspiration for the shape of the LINLONG SANHE-Jade Bracelet is derived from the unique eye of Guanyin Bodhisattva, which means immeasurable and complete. The king of eyes symbolizes the power of protection , keeping all evils and bad luck out of sight. Whether it's praying for wealth or career achievements, it can get the favor of Guanyin Bodhisattva, help to achieve the realization of aspirations, and enhancing the courage to face the future . 



Linglong Qian Jie-Jade Bracelet


Suitable Zodiac :Rat, Tiger, Rabbit, Snake, Monkey, Chicken, Pig


The design of LINLONG Omnipotent-Jade Bracelet like an egg. It envelops the new life and makes it grow. It shows the idea of rebirth and revival in the life cycle, . It makes a cycle that repeats itself ,came out of the dragon egg. Pixiu, also known as furtune,  omnipotent , can gather wealth,exorcism and bring good luck.



Wishing you an amazing 2021!